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The features of pearlized paper

Pearlized paper has single-sided and double-sided parts, which can be produced according to different requirements such as demand, color, quantitative (gram weight), texture and size.

Pearlescent paper and synthetic paper are a kind of new packaging and printing materials. They are also an environmentally friendly material. They have both paper characteristics and plastic advantages. They are light in weight, waterproof, tear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant. Advertising, packaging, printing, adhesives, barcodes, labels, handbags, tags, books, maps, etc. Pearl crepe paper has very nice fancy surface compare to other color paper. Our pearlized crepe paper mainly used in arts and craftwork, and widely used in gift wrapping,paper flowers, Props and costume accessories. Pearl crepe craft paper can be soaked in a small amount of water to create a dye for Easter eggs, white cardstock, and other materials.
1. Features of pearlized paper

(1) The surface pearl effect is easily destroyed

(2) low surface energy and poor adsorption performance to ink
Because the surface structure of mica and titanium dioxide (or other metal oxides) is smooth, and the paper surface is relatively smooth during the papermaking process (so that the pearlescent effect can better penetrate the coating into the human eye), thepearlized paper is more common than ordinary The surface energy of the whiteboard paper is much smaller, and the ink is less likely to adhere and absorb during printing, and is not easy to dry.

2. Structure of pearlized paper

The composition ofpearlized paper is the same as ordinary white paper, which consists of three parts: the bottom fiber, the filler and the surface coating. Unlike ordinary whiteboard paper, there are particles that have a pearlescent effect in the surface coating. The particles are composed of titanium dioxide (or other metal oxide) and mica particles, and the mica particles are formed by coating titanium dioxide (or other metal oxide), and the structure is in the form of flakes.

3. What problems can be caused by pearl paper printing?

(1) The pearlescent effect is easily lost, and printing is likely to form white spots, hair spots, creases and the like.

(2) Poor ink adhesion and poor drying result in low density of printed solids, loss of small dots, slow drying, easy to stick on the reverse side, easy to scratch, and the like.
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"Children's mats" not designed for children are not good mats

Crawling is an indispensable behavior in infancy, and the importance of children's physiological development is self-evident. Perhaps it is just to see this feature. In recent years, a “floor mat” designed for children has seized business opportunities. More and more families choose to buy this kind of crawling mat for their children to play. . Of course, when the child is not playing, the mat still needs to be put away, so the most convenient floor mat is obviously spliced, and it only needs to be assembled when it is used. However, there is growing evidence that there are some hidden dangers in this type of child floor foam mat.

The hidden danger comes from a substance called "formamide". Thankfully, because of these products that consumers are not worried about, we have been scientifically chemical. Now let's talk about how this formamide comes from.

Children's floor mats, which are practical as a foam material, need to be made by a foaming process. The material commonly used for floor mats is EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer) resin, which is particularly soft and has excellent processing properties. The floor mat is very competent and itself is safe. However, in the process of foaming, it is necessary to use a foaming agent to complete, so many manufacturers use a substance called "azodicarbonamide" (some media called azoformamide), at a certain Under conditions, it generates nitrogen to form bubbles in the EVA resin, which is the principle of the foaming process.

In fact, azodicarbonamide is also a food additive, which can play a role in whitening and toughening in flour. Its existence has also caused many controversies, so many countries have been banned. Because it is used as a foaming agent, it also produces a lot of by-products while generating nitrogen gas, and formamide is one of them, but it is not the main one. Studies have shown that it is cumulative in the body - not easy to excrete with the digestion residue, can only be slowly metabolized to formic acid and ammonium salts in the body, therefore, the continued intake of formamide, there are still many risks.

More critically, it has reproductive and developmental toxicity, which can have very serious adverse consequences for infants and young children. Studies have shown that when mice continue to inhale more than 300 ppm (or 0.03%) of carboxamide In 7-14 weeks, there will be obvious reproductive problems, and the weight will also drop. Combined with the continuous accumulation of formamide, if the child crawls on the toxic floor mat for a long time, the damage can not be underestimated.

For foamed EVA resin, in Europe, after reference to the experimental data, after many adjustments, the standard is currently determined to be no more than 200 mg/kg. This is not a difficult standard.

However, even if this standard is relatively loose, the domestic popular eva floor mat still can not meet the requirements. Some testing units have found that some products can reach more than 1,800 mg/kg, nearly 10 times higher than European standards. The main reason for this problem is that China has not yet established standards for this product, and the second is because the larger the amount of foaming agent, the smaller the density of the product, and the profit of the manufacturer can be obtained. Improvement, but behind this increase in profits, is a potential threat to the majority of children.

At the time when the domestic standards have not yet been established, as consumers, we need to be more vigilant about the products we buy, and we cannot buy three products without cheaper. Even if it is a regular channel product, we must ask more questions. When you buy some integral floor mats (the foaming process is different), we will get more protection for our safety.
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Application Of Glitter Film

The glitter film is one kind uses the PP material the new environmental protection material, is one kind of application more extensive golden onion effect product, has the similar place with the glitter onion powder, therefore the visual effect is very strong, the product shines in the sunlight. Because of the light reason to see no shiny effect, the actual product effect better!

Glitter film sheet colors of cuttable, self adhesive craft and hobby sign vinyl comes with an adhesive on one side with a paper backing that protects the adhesive until exposed. Glitter heat transfer vinyl is perfect for crafts, windows, cups and more. Create easily removable glitter decals and labels.

Glitter vinyl sheets flex creates attractive and eye-catching designs on your garments with sparking and shining effects. It is made from real glitter flakes so the brightness is better but thanks to the unique production process, it leaves no glitter dust after transferring or washing which is an excellent feature for users.
1. Glittering material, glitter film wrap
2. Has a clear, thick ,high temperature resistant adhesive base layer that can hold cut-out image in place for easy transfer
3. Used for any type of cloth material including 100% cotton, 100% polyester and mixture of both
4. It is very durable, stretchable, washes fast and will last life of garments
5. Cool peel the base paper

Glitter film is suitable for offset printing, gravure printing, screen printing, special printing, bronzing and other processing methods, at present in the tobacco and Wine Toothpaste box CD box cosmetics, stationery, gift packaging lighting, building materials, advertising decoration, window stickers, self-adhesive, footwear, salon lamps and other industries of the packaging decoration market has been widely used. Can compound self-adhesive, all kinds of paper, can be applied to offset printing, gravure printing, Flexo printing, special printing, hot stamping, thus forming a different light, so that products more distinctive.
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DIY rainbow scratch art paper the easy way

Rainbow scratch paper, create the planets, sun, and any other pattern, kids will be amazed by the beautiful colorful pictures they create. Simple scratch the black coating and reveal stunning effects hiding just beneath the surface. Magical rainbow cardboard easy, safe, clean, and nontoxic, great for developing kids creative intelligence. Creative kids can jot notes, etch doodles, and make mini-masterpieces whenever inspiration strikes with this engraving cardboard pad.

1. First we covered paper with oil pastel drawings until the entire sheet was full of color.
2. Then we painted over the oil pastel with a layer of black BioColor paint.
3. Finally, we scratched our pictures and designs through the surface of the wet paint with toothpicks and Q-tips.

What makes this scratch art process easier than most… We used oil pastels rather than crayons and scratched our design through the wet paint which was both easier and quicker than if we had waited for the paint to dry.

Paper size: Smaller sheets of paper will be quicker to fill with color. I cut our color paper in half, but you could go even smaller.
Age: It’s important to fill the entire sheet with color, so this project works better with preschoolers on up who can/will do that. For toddlers, you can make the magic scratch paper for them and let them do the final step of scratching designs in the paper.
Oil pastels vs crayons: You can also use crayons, but oil pastels are easier and quicker, especially for younger kids.
Q-tips and toothpicks: We started with Q-tips in the wet paint for a wider line. Maia preferred the toothpicks…and Daphne liked to use both the Q-tips and toothpicks together.
Wet vs dry: We made our scratch art pictures and designs while the paint was still wet and it worked great. We tried letting some dry first and found that the paint flaked off more unevenly (see the lines I did at the left of the face above).
Paint type: The BioColor paint we used needed two layers to coat the oil pastel layer perfectly. We didn’t usually do two layers though and liked it fine with a bit of color peaking through. You can add a couple drops of liquid dish soap to make it coat the oil pastels more evenly although we didn’t at the beginning. We also tried acrylics, which coated better than the BioColor, and tempera paint.
We tested tempera paint vs BioColor paint with and without dish soap and did all the scratch art designs after the paint dried. The three at the top were made with tempera paint and Daphne did the scratch art, which as you can see is barely visible. The three at the bottom were made with BioColor paint and Maia did the scratch art.
I recommend giving this DIY scratch art activity a try with your kids!
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Crepe Paper for Decorative

Crepe paper, also known as wrinkle paper, refers to a paper crepe processing paper, can be divided into life, packaging, decorative crepe paper three categories.

Life crepe paper such as napkin, sanitary crepe paper. Packaging crepe paper with tenacity and elasticity, for the packaging of wool, wool products, such as flexible products to prevent the packaging due to the large scale of paper caused by the rupture. Decorative crepe paper, such as a variety of color crepe paper for the festival decoration and into flowers. Usually wet (or not completely dry) of the original paper, in the dryer with a scraper shovel, or mechanical pressure out wrinkles, and then by drying.

There are a lot of paper called crepe paper, such as when we were young teachers used to tie the kind of red flowers, texture a bit like the kind of toilet paper is called crepe paper, but also some hand-rubbed paper and paper cane is called crepe paper, because they have "wrinkles."

Decorative crepe paper such as crepe paper streamer, printed crepe paper, metallic crepe paper, fluorescent crepe paper, solid color crepe paper. Crepe paper can be used for fun crafty projects like tissue paper flowers and pom-poms to making a statement inside a gift box with the right product packaging design. Our colored tissue paper is perfect for making arts and crafts projects of all types. Use for creative collages, flowers, mosaics, decoupage, scrunchy pictures, stained glass effects and more. You will be amazed at all the creative, simple and beautiful ways in which crepe paper have been used. We offer them in a wide variety of colors so you can match up to any event. Many people find that crepe paper rolls are excellent for parties and special occasions. However, crepe paper sheets has many more uses some may have not considered. Here are a few ideas for simple crepe streamer uses; gift wrap accessory, woven table covering, creating a backdrop for a room during an event, tassel garland, crepe paper flowers, decorate party favors with ruffled crepe paper streamers instead of ribbon, ruffled streamers, crepe paper pompoms, crepe paper medallions, decorations, costumes, fringed crepe paper streamers, it can be soaked in a small amount of water to create a dye for Easter eggs, white cardstock, and other materials, it can also be used to make paper flowers, paper sculpture, and much, much more!

Our crepe paper sheet is ideal for children's crafts and can be used on food items too. Add some bling to your crafts crepe paper decorations!
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Do you really understand the knowledge of EVA balls?

With the development of science and technology, we will use a lot of high-tech products in our lives, but what kind of materials are they made of? few people know. Today, we will introduce a special material, EVA ball.

EVA ball, whose chemical name is ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymers, it is a very common material, and it is a kind of medium bottom material that is quite common in our daily life. The finished products made of it have the characters of good softness, anti-shock, anti-skid and strong pressure resistance, such as our common EVA foam, EVA slippers, cotton shoes, EVA mobile phone protective cases, EVA ipad protective cases and so on.

Use 1: eva ball can be used to make eva foam, High density colored foam sheet is Widely used in puzzles, EVA floor, exercise cushions, Educational products, Child toys, DIY material, Arts & Crafts and elasticity raw materials; EVA shoes, EVA slippers, cushions, etc. It also can be used as raw materials creating other decorations, such as flower makring, diy shapes, etc. Light, comfortable, good elasticity, water-proof, shock absorption, have features of pressure release and skid prevention. We could offer kinds of color eva foam.

Use 2: eva ball can be used to make household appliances such as pipes, gas pipes, construction panels, containers and other household goods.

Use 3: eva ball is widely used in book wireless binding, digital products shell structure, furniture sealing, automobile and home appliances assembly, shoe making, carpet coating and metal anticorrosion coating.

Because of its strong softness, chemical resistance and good elasticity, the EVA ball has an inclusiveness and crosslinking property that other materials do not have, because of its properties, it is suitable for halogen-free flame retardant cables, Semiconductor shielded cables and two-step silane-crosslinked cables are also widely used in industrial and manufacturing products because of this performance.
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