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"Children's mats" not designed for children are not good mats

Crawling is an indispensable behavior in infancy, and the importance of children's physiological development is self-evident. Perhaps it is just to see this feature. In recent years, a “floor mat” designed for children has seized business opportunities. More and more families choose to buy this kind of crawling mat for their children to play. . Of course, when the child is not playing, the mat still needs to be put away, so the most convenient floor mat is obviously spliced, and it only needs to be assembled when it is used. However, there is growing evidence that there are some hidden dangers in this type of child floor foam mat.

The hidden danger comes from a substance called "formamide". Thankfully, because of these products that consumers are not worried about, we have been scientifically chemical. Now let's talk about how this formamide comes from.

Children's floor mats, which are practical as a foam material, need to be made by a foaming process. The material commonly used for floor mats is EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer) resin, which is particularly soft and has excellent processing properties. The floor mat is very competent and itself is safe. However, in the process of foaming, it is necessary to use a foaming agent to complete, so many manufacturers use a substance called "azodicarbonamide" (some media called azoformamide), at a certain Under conditions, it generates nitrogen to form bubbles in the EVA resin, which is the principle of the foaming process.

In fact, azodicarbonamide is also a food additive, which can play a role in whitening and toughening in flour. Its existence has also caused many controversies, so many countries have been banned. Because it is used as a foaming agent, it also produces a lot of by-products while generating nitrogen gas, and formamide is one of them, but it is not the main one. Studies have shown that it is cumulative in the body - not easy to excrete with the digestion residue, can only be slowly metabolized to formic acid and ammonium salts in the body, therefore, the continued intake of formamide, there are still many risks.

More critically, it has reproductive and developmental toxicity, which can have very serious adverse consequences for infants and young children. Studies have shown that when mice continue to inhale more than 300 ppm (or 0.03%) of carboxamide In 7-14 weeks, there will be obvious reproductive problems, and the weight will also drop. Combined with the continuous accumulation of formamide, if the child crawls on the toxic floor mat for a long time, the damage can not be underestimated.

For foamed EVA resin, in Europe, after reference to the experimental data, after many adjustments, the standard is currently determined to be no more than 200 mg/kg. This is not a difficult standard.

However, even if this standard is relatively loose, the domestic popular eva floor mat still can not meet the requirements. Some testing units have found that some products can reach more than 1,800 mg/kg, nearly 10 times higher than European standards. The main reason for this problem is that China has not yet established standards for this product, and the second is because the larger the amount of foaming agent, the smaller the density of the product, and the profit of the manufacturer can be obtained. Improvement, but behind this increase in profits, is a potential threat to the majority of children.

At the time when the domestic standards have not yet been established, as consumers, we need to be more vigilant about the products we buy, and we cannot buy three products without cheaper. Even if it is a regular channel product, we must ask more questions. When you buy some integral floor mats (the foaming process is different), we will get more protection for our safety.
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